Our gifts-in-kind (GIK) program and networks of over one hundred partner organizations, food banks, community centres, and women and children shelters – has distributed over 25 million meals to hungry children in Canada and around the world over the last several years.


With our generous corporate partners, Speroway procures and distributes millions of pounds of food and other supplies every year. Through our logistics and supply strategies, Speroway is able to offer its corporate partners the seamless movement of food and other essential supplies in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Speroway takes an integrated approach with its donated resources and community development programs. With strong supply chain management and logistics infrastructure, we receive, sort, and distribute critically needed products from our corporate donors to our program partners to reach children and families through our programs in Canada and the world.


Speroway is always building for tomorrow, giving a child a reason to hope. Our partners help create a solid foundation for everything else we do.

Please call contact info@speroway.com if you, your company or organization, would like to become a Speroway partner.

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