Mission of Hope

What does Speroway Mean?

Thousands of lives are touched through the Mission of Hope. Canadian friends and supporters can donate to all the wonderful programs through this page.

Providing Hope

The programs are diverse: Hope House Orphanage; Hospital of Hope; School of Hope; and Church of Hope. We are also delighted to provide a sponsorship program called Child Champions which provides food, education and medical care to hundreds of children in Haiti. This is one of the best ways to help a child – every day of the month – 365 days of the year.

Why Partner with Mission of Hope?

Speroway is focused on feeding children, especially children that may not get even one meal a day. Mission of Hope provides approximately 70,000 meals to children daily. This program is also available to meet the emergency needs of children and their families.

With the Child Champions sponsorship program, Speroway is able to go one step further – thanks to your partnership. A comprehensive program provides, food, education and medical treatment. Families work hard but often find they simply need a hand to afford a meal, to even get a chance to start school, or to benefit from health care like you or me.

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