Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our partners. Whether they’re providing gift-in-kind resources to support our work or running programs on the field, our partners are vital to the life-saving work we do around the world.

Become a Partner

Speroway is always building for tomorrow; giving a child a reason to hope. Our Building Partners create a solid foundation for everything else we do. When a solid base is created, we have a place to grow and children can be healed and sustained.

Please call 1.877.382.2262 if you, your company or your organization would like to become a Speroway partner, or contact us using the link below.

International Partners

These essential partnerships provide a unique opportunity to impact the lives of families and communities around the world. Partnering is a way to have a global impact.

Canadian Partners

Working through our distribution partners, Speroway has distributed food and supplies valued in excess of 10 million dollars within the past year.

Corporate Partners

We are honoured to have so many organizations partnering with us in very significant ways. There are also a number of agency partners that we work with who ensure food gets to the children who need it most.

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