Speroway works with vulnerable communities in Haiti’s tent cities to address children’s health and nutrition. School feeding programs contribute to the education and well-being of children. School feeding can bring children into school and out of hunger.

When you donate to our Haiti programs, you not only support our school feeding programs, you reach children suffering from malnutrition and illness.

Your donation can help end generational cycles of poverty in Haiti and other countries around the world!


Read a 2015 update from our President below!

I have just recently returned from a trip to Haiti. Looking around, I could see that in many ways, the Haitians have managed to rebuild their cities and lives after the deadly earthquake in 2010. Speroway was there, and lived through the destruction and chaos that followed.

Sadly, there are thousands of people in Haiti that still live in tent communities – five years later! These families wake up to hardship, hunger and helplessness every day.

My host took me to one such tent community called Karade and I witnessed first-hand how they lived.

No electricity, no running water, no privacy.
Health conditions are poor … and so are the people.

Most of the parents are unemployed and many kids can’t go to school because there isn’t one nearby. Nor can they afford the uniform or books. Speroway has been helping schools in Haiti for years to provide uniforms and books and one good meal a day for their students. Getting a basic education is very important to change the cycle of poverty in Haiti.


We have a new school program in the tent community of Karade. You can see from the picture above that the school is mainly built with tin, stacked concrete blocks and wood. The teachers are often not paid and many of the kids haven’t eaten anything before arriving at school.

The teachers told me they often see little kids pushing at their stomachs. They push in over and over … because hunger hurts! 

The teachers know they are trying to make the hunger pains go away. Some kids are too hungry to even make the effort to go to school – they simply have no energy.

But you can help! For as little as $35 a month you can help feed and educate a child in Karade. With your donation of $70 you are helping two children, which hugely impacts their families! 

When you support school feeding programs, you also support the basic needs for school materials, supplies and aid for the teachers. Not only are you providing nourishment the kids need to survive … you are also supplying hope for them to believe in a future!

In another part of the country I visited, they were challenged by deforestation, soil erosion and a lack of clean water. Wells often drill into salt water so drinking water has to be trucked in from quite a distance.

One of our partners shared this story about little Mirlanda:

Mirlanda is only 10 and she gets up very early to go to a nearby water source to get water for her family before school. As every parent knows, Mirlanda needs a good night’s sleep to be alert in the morning to learn. But Mirlanda gets up every morning at 2 AM! 

You see, the rainy season hasn’t produced enough rain so far, and the nearest water source is now 5 miles away!

Mirlanda has to walk the distance with her donkey, load him up with enough water for the household, then walk back to be in time for school — every day.

We are working with this community to find other water solutions, but right now their only regular supply of water comes from water delivery. Your gift of $50 will go a long way in helping us with the cost of bringing water to a very desperate community. Perhaps you can contribute a larger gift toward our water and food programs — as it is greatly needed!


Mirlanda and her family, along with nearby communities, urgently need better solutions. We ask for your help to provide children, like Mirlanda, with a nutritious meal or drink at school so they can be attentive, get an education and get ahead in life. No child should have to lose sleep for something we take for granted here in North America!

When my visit in Haiti came to an end, three things became very clear:

  1. Without food, the children in the poorest sections of Haiti will not have the nutrition to grow and develop.
  2. Without school feeding programs, they will not be alert and able to function in classrooms to get an education.
  3. Without access to water, the people of Haiti cannot cook or farm to become self-sufficient.

Please give to Haiti today! Partner with us to help Haitians re-build their impoverished nation. 

Thank you for your support and compassion for the people of Haiti.


Ken Forbes
President, Speroway

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