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Dear Friend,

This November, I will be joining Speroway as a volunteer with their Medical-Dental Mission team to Haiti. Over the last few years, I have also been involved in Speroway missions to both Guatemala and El Salvador and have seen the medical and dental need of impoverished communities first hand.

We will be visiting rural communities this year that have never seen a dentist nor have had access to dental care.

Haiti, as you know, is a severely impoverished nation and its people are in great need of health services. With less than one dentist for every ten thousand Haitians, the oral health needs of the people are great.

We treat these patients with decaying teeth and painful mouths, to relieve their suffering and restore them to good oral health. We also work with the local dentists and community health care workers, teaching proper dental care and hygiene techniques.

In order to treat our patients in Haiti, we need your help. We need medicines, dental supplies, toothbrushes, and equipment to be able to provide patient care to children and families that really need it. Please help us raise funds for these much needed supplies so we can continue our work to reach vulnerable families and create beautiful, healthy smiles.


Dr Rick Caldwell


Haiti Dental Program

The majority of dentists practice in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince, with very few ending up in rural areas where dental care and oral hygiene is most needed. Few Haitians have ever been to a dentist or owned a toothbrush. We treat patients with decaying teeth and painful mouths and provide medicines, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. We also work with local dentists and community health workers to train in proper dental care and hygiene.

Dr. Rick Caldwell with El Salvador Patient

Life-Changing Medicines & Supplies

Every day, thousands of children die because they don’t have access to basic medicines that could save their lives. Your gift will help us distribute essential medical supplies like antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitic drugs, deworming medications, painkillers, and surgical supplies.


El Salvador Medical and Dental Trip- Dr. Rick Caldwell, Dr. Donna Brodie, Dr. Jack Cottrell, Ken Forbes