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In 1998 Hurricane Mitch made landfall in Central America. It was the second most severe hurricane in history. Tens of thousands of people died and damages totaled more than a billion dollars. Nicaragua was already known as one of the poorest countries in the third world (Haiti is number one); the storm’s widespread destruction made tough living conditions even worse.

Red Cross relief efforts included establishing temporary shelters for many of the 5000,000 homeless people. One such site was El Limonal, in the town of Chinandega on the north Pacific side of the country…fast forward almost twenty years to the harsh reality of families still living there. The community site is on the edge of a landfill; their survival depends on scavenging and recycling at the garbage dump.  

Community caring for a community

Thanks to the dedication and efforts of three groups (Conconi Foundation, Kamloops Fire Fighters Charitable Society and Monty’s Beach Lodge in partnership with Speroway) the quality of life for these families is gradually improving through the building of a community centre, donations of essential supplies and basic health care for more than 300 children. 

In November 2017 a volunteer group of Canadian women & I will prepare and serve a nutritious lunch in the community kitchen at El Limonal. All the funds will go directly to the expenses to feed the community. I am looking for donations to assist us with funding this volunteer project. All donors will be issued a charitable donation receipt. Muchas gracias/thank you.    


Nicaragua Jiquilillo Projects

Speroway works in the rural Nicaraguan communities of Jiquilillo, Los Zorros, Padre Ramos and the community of El Limonal near Chinandega. Activities and initiatives are pursued in collaboration with these communities, and in partnership with other participating organizations with a shared vision of alleviating poverty through improved education, accessible healthcare, and enhanced self-employment opportunities.

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Women's Cooperative of Faith and Hope in Nicaragua.