Heading Back To El Salvador

Meet Glen and Carmen.  This picture was taken in February of 2010 in the orphanage at Remar, El Salvador.  Glen, a veteran paramedic, was part of a Speroway Medical/Dental team visiting Remar before a challenging week of clinics in the impoverished communities around San Salvador.  Carmen, aged 3 at the time, latched on to Glen and didn’t let go for the entire visit.  Over the next six days, Glen worked tirelessly bringing much-needed medical care to hundreds of people – many of whom have never seen a doctor.  But he never forgot Carmen or her beautiful smile.

We don’t know how she came to be there but she worked her way into the hearts of the entire team – especially, Glen.  As we head back to El Salvador next week for another series of important clinics in the area, we plan a return trip to Remar.  It’s been nearly three years since our last visit.  Will Carmen still be there?

I’ll be posting photos and thoughts everyday beginning Sunday, November 11th right here on the Speroway Blog.  Feel free to follow along as we mount five one day clinics treating upwards of 3,500 patients.  We hope to make a difference in the lives of those who have very little.  May they benefit from our visit – I know for certain that we will.

Tim Fallis





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