“Gracias” from El Salvador!

By: Ken Dick, President


Returning to El Salvador is always uplifting – lots of sunshine and hot days. Just over two months ago we were here with our Medical/Dental Team where over an eight-day period, we treated almost 5,000 patients in our clinics. But, this country is a country of desperate need. There is sickness. There is poverty and hunger. There is so much we could be doing to reduce the pains that accompany these things. Although we are not able to do everything, we do what we can with the resources that we have.

When I return to Canada from one of our mission trips, part of what I always take home with me is the feeling that there is so much more to be done. I am always asking myself the question, “What more can we do?”

So, here I am back in El Salvador for a few days, with a plan to distribute food to some families and individuals in Somalia – one of the poorer squatter communities in the country. We have been to Somalia before with our Medical/Dental Teams. And on each of the last few visits, we have spent a day in Somalia – offering care and food in this neighbourhood where over 1,200 families live in squalid conditions.

With the cooperation and wonderful support of our partner agency Operation Blessing, we arrived in the heat of the day to a gathering of over 50 people sitting in a tin roofed shelter. As we pulled in to the area, smiles broke out on the faces of the waiting people.

Recipients of the food today were chosen by a committee and found to be in the greatest need. They were mostly women, whose husbands were either working or out looking for work. There were young mothers. One woman whom we knew from our last visit is in her 90’s. When she approached me to get her food parcels, she surprised me first with a hug. She was so excited to see us again!

There were many hugs and expressions of “Gracias” and “Dios le bendiga”. I left that poor neighbourhood with the words “Thank you” and “God bless you” echoing in my head and in my heart.

It is from this small group of people from Somalia in El Salvador, that I pass along these expressions of gratitude to YOU – our valued and faithful supporters. Speroway is simply an extension of your caring concern for families and children in need and for this I thank you.


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