Back to El Salvador

By Tim Fallis

It’s that time again.  On November 2, another Speroway Medical/Dental team will leave for San Salvador and a week of clinics in some of the poorest communities in Central America.  Doctors, dentists, dental assistants, paramedics, nurses and a dedicated support group of civilian volunteers will mount five clinics bringing primary medical care to thousands, many of whom will be examined and treated for the first time in their lives.

It’s an incredible undertaking that’s been a year in the making.  Our local team in Central America, led by Efrain de los Rios, has scouted out the clinic locations – communities in desperate need where we can really make a difference.  Equipment, drugs and supplies have been collected and are now en route to El Salvador.  And community leaders have been consulted and preparations are underway so that all will be ready when we arrive at our first clinic.







It’s a big team this time.  If all goes well, we should be able to help more families in need than ever before.  Beyond primary medical and dental care, we’ll also be distributing readers, medications, food and clothing.

We’re excited and we’re ready.  And you can follow along right here on the blog.  There will be a new post and photos every night, so you can stay up-to-date throughout our adventure.  Thanks, in advance, for your interest – it will surely help us get through a demanding but rewarding week.  Stay tuned for our next post late on November 2nd as we arrive and start planning for our first clinic two days later.  Wish us luck!


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