Meet Anthony

Wezesha_LogoWezesha Education Foundation is a locally managed not-for-profit initiative in Kenya that empowers gifted youth from disadvantaged circumstances with the opportunity to receive a quality education. Through Wezesha scholarships, bright and motivated youth are able to attend secondary or post secondary school so that they can achieve their dreams by developing the confidence, skills and abilities they need in order to gain employment.

The following is an update on Anthony, one of the Wezesha students, from Peter, our Education Director.

“Anthony is a bright Wezesha student in form four at Kieni Secondary School. He lives in a rented house near his school. On my visit to his school, I met with his class teacher who informed me that he was one of his best students discipline-wise as well as academically. At the moment, he is the school captain but by next term in May, he will have to drop his leadership role so that he can concentrate on his studies for the forthcoming KCSE [Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education] exam.
She says that Anthony has outperformed his role as the school captain and hopes that he will become a leader one day in future. The teacher was also thankful to Wezesha for paying his school fees on time since he has not missed school the last 2 years for lack of fees. She has a lot of confidence in him and hopes that when the time comes for the final exam, he will make it to University.
At the moment, Anthony is continuing with his pre-mock exams and hopes that he will score a B+. His target for the KCSE is an A. He believes that through his hard work and determination, his dream of studying medicine at University will come true.
He lacks words to express his sincere gratitude to Wezesha for the great financial support and also the moral support accorded to him so far.”

Thank you to all the generous donors who support our Wezesha Education Foundation! You make it possible for Anthony and the other students to get the education they dream about and deserve.



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