The Next Generation of African Leaders

Globally, 62 million girls are not in school. Some have to stay home to help their families or care for younger siblings. Others don’t have the money for tuition or school uniforms. In Kenya, and around the world, Speroway provides scholarships opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have shown academic and leadership potential.

By helping these young people gain an education and life skills, we can help change the next generation of leaders, workers, and parents.

Scholarship recipient’s 10-year-old Silvia and 9-year-old Diana outside their elementary school in Kisii, Kenya. 


 Meet two of Speroway’s secondary and university scholarship recipients:

Damaris has five siblings, and hopes to be a role model to her younger brother and sisters. Her father is mostly unemployed and her mother sells vegetables and can sometimes make up to $1.80 a day to support the family. They struggle to meet basic needs and keep food on the table.

Damaris is studying engineering in university and hopes to one day become an engineer and contribute to the development of her country. In her spare time, she volunteers at a school nearby because she knows the value of education and wants to encourage children, especially girls, to stay in school.

I am a young youth who is focused and driven by my own principles and how despite the many difficulties, desire to be a winner and to work towards a better life. My dream is to be an independent person who can also help others– Damaris


Lydia is a 15-year-old student who is in grade 10 because of a scholarship she received last year. She comes from a family of five, with two siblings. Her parents are farmers, but have struggled to find consistent work and from battling inadequate rain and crop disease.

Lydia is consistently at the top of her class. Without her scholarship, Lydia would not be able to attend school. Through her education, Lydia dreams of becoming independent with a steady job and an opportunity to positively change the lives of others.

I am a girl, a girl who is determined, a girl of her words, and also a girl wonderfully made.”  – Lydia


Speroway aims to empower young people through education. Through our partners, young people who are high academic achievers, but whose families cannot afford their education can finish high school or go to university and have a better chance at life.  

Scholarship recipients Naomi, Dorcas, Franklin, and John, top students in their classes in Elburgon, Kenya.  



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