As noted in the recent blog entry, volunteers from Ontario traveled to El Salvador to the little community of Amatitan.

The team worked hard rebuilding a feeding centre and working on homes that had been impacted by floods and landslides back in November, 2009. FTC Canada and Feed The Children Central America were grateful for the efforts. The workers were obviously impacted by their experience too:

“Now I did expect we would all work together well and for us to work really hard towards our goals, but I didn’t expect so many happy faces at the end. Isn’t it great when your expectations aren’t met because they are so far surpassed?”

“Top ten reasons why El Salvador was such a success. #1-For all of you taking the leap and leaving the comforts of home and touching a fantastic community!”

“There was a lot more missing (from my day now) . . . the drive to the site every morning, the happy greetings of the locals, (and) the always smiling children …”

“I now realize though that the most important message was to the people of Amititan. A message of hope, love and friendship.”

FTC Canada extends it’s thanks to this team again … Gracias


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