Approximately 57 million primary-school aged children around the world do not attend school, 55 percent of which are girls. Support Speroway in increasing the accessibility and quality of education for children worldwide.

Children and youth living in poverty face many challenges to education including weakness from malnourishment; illness; child labour or having to work at home to care for siblings; and inability to pay for school fees, uniforms and supplies.

Speroway seeks to break cycles of poverty by increasing children’s access to quality education, paying special attention to girls. These programs work towards developing the next generation of leaders.


Secondary and Post Secondary Education:

Speroway works at providing scholarships to motivated and high academic achievers, but whose families cannot afford education. Scholarship recipients receive financial support for tuition and school supplies, as well as mentoring, career counselling and leadership development.


Life Skills Training:

Speroway's life skills programs focus on trades such as sewing and language programs to increase economic opportunities. In particular, these programs give attention to women and vulnerable groups.


Community Education Initiatives:

Speroway's goal in our Community Education Initiatives is strengthening community involvement in education to improve learning and teacher support.




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Speroway supports children in primary education and cares for children through the Home of Grace Care Centre.

Our Wezesha Education program provides secondary and post-secondary scholarships and mentoring to academically gifted and impoverished children and youth.  Without this support, these students would not be able to attend or receive an education.  In the end, this programs seeks to help build the next generation of leaders in the country.

Over the years, the Wezesha Education Program has grown from providing 13 students an education through scholarships to 100 students receiving a quality and long-lasting education.



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Speroway continues to work in Haiti and provide over 2,000 meals monthly through school feeding, orphan sponsorship, and student-sponsorship programs. As an organization, we support education through partners like Mission of Hope Haiti and Pignon Elementary and Secondary Schools. Over the years, Speroway has helped support over 1,000 students attend the Pignon Elementary School.  In partnership with Speroway, Pignon High School and University have also started up. Starting with only 80 students, the university now teaches over 500 students in subjects such as nursing, teaching, medicine and agriculture.

Lastly, Speroway helps support an Elementary School in Canon, Haiti, providing education and daily meals to 200 students, who rely on the school for an education and a meal.


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Dominican Republic

Speroway supports hundreds of children and youth through education and life-skills training in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, Speroway helps with the School Uniform Campaign, encouraging children to stay in school by providing their uniform and school supplies. Speroway also supports the Ascension and Caraballo Generation of Change Scholarship Program, which provides access to higher education for young people who are academically bright and committed to giving back to their communities.