Greg Boland, CEO of West Face Capital

Greg Boland is a Toronto executive and the Founding Principal, CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of asset management firm, West Face Capital Inc. Since the beginning of his involvement with Speroway, Greg has been influential in raising funds and awareness for the Wezesha Scholarship Program and its mission of educating students in Kenya.

“There is no question that education is one of the most important investments.  We need to continue to educate and empower people to make a difference,” Greg Boland says. “As a supporter, I want to use my platform to help promote education for all children, which is why I’m so excited about this program – it gives recipients the tools they need to succeed in adulthood.”

Greg graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.Com in finance and a background in computer science. He is also a Leslie Wong Fellow with the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation. As someone who has benefited from higher learning, Greg believes education is not only an important investment, but that it also provides a legitimate means for upward social mobility. No matter the geographical location, communities that invest in education benefit from a stronger social unity.

“Individuals who graduate and have access to quality education throughout primary and secondary school are more likely to find employment, have economic stability and be active and productive citizens.”

Wezesha Scholarship recipients are supported by a network that is focused on life skills training, leadership development, and community giving. Students who receive this guidance are able to truly develop into leaders through continuous and deep learning.

“We know that learning is at the core of effective leadership development, and these scholarship recipients will go far with the opportunities that we can provide them.  Through education, these recipients can use their knowledge and experience to become contributors to their communities and evoke change for a better future.”

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Donate now to Wezesha Education Program or contact info@speroway.com for more information on how to donate.