Halloween for Hunger

Guest post from Starr LoFranco, Speroway staff member and youth leader at Highview Community Church.


On Wednesday night, the youth group at Highview Community Church dressed up and braved the dreary weather to collect non-perishable food items for Speroway! This is the 3rd year in a row that our youth group has done this event they call Halloween for Hunger. I was very excited that they chose Speroway as their charity of choice this year!

Our group chooses a costume theme each year, and this year the youth chose a Disney theme. Ten youth and four leaders dressed as gentleman, princesses, superheroes and even Lilo and her little monster friend Stitch! They all looked great! It was great to see the look on people’s faces when they opened the door and realized we were there to ask for a food donation, not for candy for ourselves.

The best part was that in the span of just one hour, this small but mighty group of teens was able to collect 190 lbs of food – wow!

Ian Peers, Student Ministries Director at Highview Community Church said, “We do this as a way for students to experience Halloween in a positive way by giving back to the community and serving God. We also take the opportunity to shed light on those in need in our own region. When students know that what they do makes a difference in people’s lives, they get excited and work hard to help in whatever way they can!We also like to highlight organizations that might be new to them as a way to expand their horizons. This year we chose Speroway and shared with the students all that this wonderful organization is doing to meet people’s needs. We took time to pray for those who will benefit from the food and we hope it will really help them.”

This food will be distributed by Speroway to local families in need. It is so exciting to see how one hour of fun for a youth group can make a difference in the lives of many hungry people.





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