Hamilton Family Food Box Drop

For the 4th year in a row, Speroway is partnering with the Hamilton Tiger Cats and Marwan Hage (Hage’s Heros) to deliver hope to children and families in Hamilton this Thanksgiving.

Thousands of Family Food Boxes have been distributed in this way each Thanksgiving since 2008. The 40 pound + box provides enough food to feed a family of 4 for a week. Speroway in partnership with Hamilton agencies identify those most in need of food. Vouchers are then distributed and families can pick up the food this weekend at Ivor Wynn Stadium.

Speroway actively distributes food to the front-line agencies in Hamilton throughout the year, helping provide a helping hand to families struggling with unemployment or other life set-backs. It is more common now for these groups to be providing food to Hamilton’s working poor as they often need a little extra just to get by.

This year we welcome the support of Bison Transport and their volunteers who will help unload and distribute the boxes.  Families that have received vouchers are asked to arrive at Ivor Wynn (Gate #2, Beechwood & Melrose) at 1PM.

See how a Family Food Box comes together: Click HERE
You can donate to the Family Food Box program: Click HERE


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