Hopeway Canada Food Program

Speroway supports many communities in need across Canada, including Indigenous communities, refugees, and other vulnerable groups. Through volunteers and nearly 100 partners across the country—food banks, community centres, meal programs, women and children shelters, churches, and schools—Speroway distributes food (fresh produce, refrigerated/frozen and all other food items) and other essential supplies to families in need. We procure, transport and distribute food and essential items to those who are in most need in most major population centers from British Columbia to Quebec.

At Speroway, we strongly believe in a partnership model that works through the power of collaboration. By investing in the local communities and relying on the strength of volunteers-both here and internationally-we work towards lasting impact in our fight against global hunger and poverty.

Speroway continuously works to ensure all demographics across the country have access to food and essential goods by contributing nearly 1,000,000 meals a year to those who are in most need. Our procurement, transportation and food delivery program is an ongoing project that works to offer our corporate partners the seamless movement of food and other essential supplies in an efficient and cost-effective manner, right across the country, directly to the community partners who need it most. This allows us to constantly deliver food and essential supplies to children and families who are in most need at the moment.