May 5th, 2010

Guelph, Ontario – 3,600 square feet of foundation, pillars, and walls was laid for the community of Amatitan, El Salvador this past April.

The trip was organized by Guelph based charity FTC Canada who sent down 9 volunteers to begin the rebuilding of a condemned feeding centre and homes for families who had lost theirs in a recent flood.

The team left on Saturday April 17th and began work the next day. The foundation had to be set, a concrete floor was laid, walls were erected and tables for the kitchen were built. The centre is a 20 by 40 ft concrete stable building that has a patio, kitchen, and washroom. Three of the four homes were started by the team with one of them reaching full completion. The homes themselves are close to 700 sq. ft. and are all scheduled to be completed by the summer.

“We are so grateful to our team of volunteers.” says Ken Dick, President of FTC Canada. “It’s an amazing thing for us and the community of Amatitan to have dedicated people like our volunteers give their time and energy towards this building project”

This is the first an FTC Canada construction team has sent overseas and the organization is planning for more in the future. FTC Canada would like to thank our volunteers Clive Ward-Able, Helen and John McGillivray, Jeff Mander, Robyn Tomaney, Rick Olazabal, Eduardo de Abreu, Lynda Quinn and John Sprawson as well as 5th Business Marketing and Labtician Ophthalmics Inc. for their commitment to helping improve the lives of children around the world.


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