Back to school… Again. “When I return, will there be lunch for me?”

Unfortunately, this year has started off the same way 2020 ended, with all of us still dealing with the uncertainties of Covid-19. During this pandemic, one of the biggest concerns around the world has been that our children have not been able to attend school on a regular basis. Throughout this pandemic, we are seeing pictures and hearing stories from our partners about children who have had very little food while locked out of school.

Just like in Canada, in countries where Speroway works, they have also stopped and started school for students, but they have all now sent the students back to school again... so we are running our Back-to-School Meal campaign in February. Our food wholesalers and distributors have stepped up again to meet the challenge and we are able to multiply your gift 5x.

We usually write to you with a back-to-school campaign in September but this year we are in critical need of getting food programs back to full support sooner in the year. On behalf of the thousands of children, you have helped us provide food for in the past, thank you. Any gift you can give at this critical time will help provide meals for children.

Little children like Benjamin pictured about looks and asks, “…will there be a lunch for me today.” You have been there in the past for these children and I am asking again if you would consider a special gift to help us ensure that children get a healthy meal this semester.



With help from food suppliers, we are able to multiply your gift by 5x.

$35 will enable us to provide food for 5 students for a month.

$65 will help provide food for 9 children for a month

$200 will help provide meals for nearly 30 children for a month.