BACK TO SCHOOL- Our feeding programs need your support more than ever

What an unprecedented year 2020 has been, I know for many this has been a very difficult season. So, I am so grateful for your on-going support, we could not continue any of our programs without you.

As we all begin to adjust to our new normal one of the biggest challenges facing us in Canada and around the world is about our children and whether or not there will be school. If there is school what will it look like and will it be safe?

This is the same challenge for our programs in Haiti, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Kenya. A few countries like Haiti and Nicaragua have students starting back in school. You can see what it looks like for children in Haiti in the picture above. The local mothers made the masks, but it is very hard for the children to keep them on and keep them clean, as I am sure you can imagine in the hot, dusty conditions.

Would you consider a special gift of
$35, $50 or $200 for meals at school.
Food suppliers will multiply your gift by 5x.


The World Food Program estimates nearly 70 million primary school aged children go to school hungry. We are all well aware a hungry child does not learn as well or develop as they should.

For Aaron there is no school this fall.

The other countries we are working in are trying to offer some kind of online option for the Fall. This creates other challenges because most students don’t have access to a laptop, iPad or even a phone to try to work online. Others have some kind of device but no access to WIFI or internet.

But in all of these scenario’s children like Aaron seen in the picture are asking, ‘...if there is no school will there be a meal for me?’

At this time of year, we usually put out an appeal for BACK TO SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAMS, Speroway specializes in offering nutritious meals at breakfast or lunch so that children can have a full stomach and learn. This fall we are also asking you for your continued support for our community feeding programs and home delivery baskets of food for families in need and children like Aaron