Back to School-The Power of School Feeding

Back to school time is around the corner and for many Canadian kids that means new backpacks, school supplies, and an opportunity to learn. For struggling families and children around the world, back to school likewise means an opportunity to learn.  However, it also means school meals for hungry children.

The World Food Programme states that 66 million primary school-aged children go to school hungry. A hungry child does not learn as well or develop as they should.

Unfortunately, many of our school programs are short on funding for this school year. We are reaching out to our donors to consider a generous gift this school year by choosing to donate meals to children or to a whole classroom.

Would you consider giving a gift to support our feeding programs?

$35 will provide $350 for school feedings.

$50 will provide $500 for school feedings.

$100 will provide $1000 for school feedings.

$250 will provide $2500 for school feedings.

By investing in school meals, we are investing in education and helping to pull communities out of extreme poverty to help for generations.

Ada's Story

This is Ada, a mother who volunteers to support her local school feeding program. Her daughter Dalia will be starting school this year. Both Ada and Dalia are excited for the school year to start, as it means Dalia will be receiving a full meal each day.  These meals will provide her with the nutrients she needs to focus, learn and develop. Before starting school, Dalia often went days without a meal, missing out on key nutrients that allow her to grow and thrive.

Ada has been a volunteer at this school feeding program for the past few months, as she understands the importance of these programs for children and families. Although Ada also does farm work and sewing around the community for extra support towards her family, she realizes Dalia’s only significant source of nutrition will be at these programs.

Unfortunately, having volunteers like Ada isn’t enough to sustain the school feeding programs. Nutritious school meals can only continue for the upcoming school year if there is support from donors like you. Without the feeding program this year, children like Dalia will not receive the opportunity to eat a nutritious meal that could be the difference between thriving and malnutrition. Her energy for going to school may also decrease, and the motivation for Ada to continue to send her to school may lessen.  As a result, Dalia may have to take up some work around the community just to survive as she gets older.

This is why your support is crucial for the livelihoods of young children, such as Dalia. By investing in school feeding programs, you are not only providing nutrition for children and families, but also a future.