Child Sponsorship

Help a Child. Help their Community. Break Cycles of Poverty.

Experience the joy of transforming a child or young person’s life today. With your help, we partner with the child, their family, and school, to create a better future for their children and community.

When you sponsor a child or student, you provide basic necessities such as food, education, and healthcare, and help communities to break generational cycles of poverty. Sponsorship opportunities are available in Kenya, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. To sponsor a child today, contact us at 1.877.382.2262 or info@speroway.com.

Sponsor a Child

Help us feed children today and work with their families so that they can feed themselves tomorrow.  When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive information about them, including details about their lives, photos, and updates.  To learn more contact us at 1.877.382.2262 or info@speroway.com.

Sponsor a Student

For just $45 a month, you can provide food, education, and other life essentials to a child in need. By giving the gift of nutritious food and education, you invest in a child’s future and the future of their country. To learn more contact us at at 1.877.382.2262 or info@speroway.com.