Gift a Gift of Hope and Food this Christmas Season

Make 2021 count by giving one more meaningful gift this season

All gifts dated up to Dec 31 will be eligible for a 2021 tax receipt.

This Christmas season many of us will be enjoying our favourite holiday meals and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Most Canadian children have the expectation of excitement and fun during this season.

By contrast most of the children we serve, won’t be receiving gifts and the butterflies in their stomachs are not from excitement, but pangs of hunger from going without food. There are so many children around the world that are hungry and hurting but with your help we can provide Food and Hope this Christmas to thousands of children.

How are you able to help? Please join us in buying one extra gift this year to feed hungry children and we will make sure it is goes to three vital feeding programs - School Feeding, Community Feeding and Home Delivery of essential cooking supplies. Please consider a special gift to provide Hope and Food this Christmas for children and vulnerable families.

Every $5,000 we receive helps us procure, deliver and prepare upwards of $50,000 of food. That means your gift, with the help of food suppliers will be multiplied by 10x.


$35 will help provide $350 of food

$65 will help provide $650 of food

$350 will help provide $3,500 of food

3 vital Food Programs that need your support

School Feeding Programs

Many of the children we serve in Haiti, Kenya, Dominican, Nicaragua and Malawi live in areas where food has been scarce and often the only meal the children receive is lunch at the school. These programs are vital not only to give the children strength to be able to learn, but also to help develop healthy bodies and minds.

Community Feeding Programs

The community feeding programs are also important programs for our overall nutrition and food support. These programs are again overseen by our on the ground partners and community volunteers. They are run out of a local shelter or church property where we have access to a cooking facility and storage of supplies and food. Many of the children and elderly in these communities would not have access to a good meal without this program.

Home Delivery Program

The home delivery program allows us to bring essential cooking supplies directly to the families in the greatest need. We work through our local partners and volunteers who know the families first hand and monitor the nutritional needs in each area. These deliveries bring joy and hope to families.

There is a verse in the bible that says, “….. share your bread with the hungry, give shelter to the homeless.” (Isaiah 58:7)

What would it look like if we all took this to heart and helped to feed as many children we could this Christmas? Thank you for considering a special gift this Christmas and for all your support throughout the year. I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year.

$35 will help provide $350 of food

$65 will help provide $650 of food

$350 will help provide $3,500 of food