Give the life-changing gift of education. Break generational cycles of poverty by providing quality education to children and youth in need.

Children and youth living in poverty face many challenges to education including: weakness from malnourishment; illness; child labour, or having to work at home to care for siblings; inability to pay for school fees, uniforms and supplies. Uneducated children are at greater risk for exploitation, early marriages, and lower income-earning potential.

Speroway seeks to break cycles of poverty by increasing children’s access to quality education and developing the next generation of leaders through secondary and post-secondary scholarships, life skills training, and community education initiatives.

Children’s Education

Increasing children’s access to quality early-childhood and primary education, with special attention for girls. 57 million primary-school aged children around the world do not attend school, 55 percent of which are girls. When we educate children, we empower communities and help break cycles of poverty, disease, and social inequality.

Childrens Education

Life Skills Training

Training in agricultural techniques and trades such as sewing and language programs to increase economic opportunities with particular attention on women and vulnerable groups.

Life Skills Training