Emergency COVID-19 Response

Support children and families in this difficult time around the world and in Canada.



The scale and scope of what is happening with COVID-19 around the world is very concerning. Speroway continues during this difficult time to provide for children and families in communities around the world and in Canada.  This would not be possible without you.

Support Children and Families Across Canada

Speroway works with food banks across the country, from Montreal to Vancouver, by improving the quantity of available food  (processed, fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and hygiene products) and access to food and other basic products.

With nearly 100 partners- corporations, food banks, community centers, women and children shelters and churches- Speroway is continuing to distrubte crucial supplies to children and families across Canada.

Support Children and Families Around The World

For children and families who could hardly get by before the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a devastating blow. At Speroway we are commited to providing for vulnerable families around the world but we can only do this with the support of donors like you.

Through the support of corporate partners donations will be matched by 10 times. 

We are grateful for your support during these difficult times. If you are able to provide any assistance you can donate below or phone us at 289.861.1346.