Emergency Feeding Haiti

A series of crises has trapped Haitians in a cycle of growing desperation, without access to food, fuel, markets, jobs, and public services, bringing the country to a standstill. Speroway's president Ken Forbes has embarked on a trip to Haiti to bring emergency food and resources to help procure food in the country. We also have containers of food on standby as soon as there is some stability in the ports and funding to send them. Right now there is a small window to purchase food in the country for those who have the resources.

The situation in Haiti was already dire. Not only has Haiti held one of the highest levels of food insecurity in the world, but the country remains in a state of chaos due to natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes), political instability (including the assassination of their President), gang violence, fuel shortages and rising food prices. Humanitarian needs in the country are now at a life and death situation for millions of people.



Tragically, we hear stories of children picking crumbs out of the dirt and even eating ashes from the fire to fill their stomachs. It is our goal, through our feeding programs, to provide one nutritious meal a day for these children and their families. So we are asking for your support to purchase and safely deliver emergency food.

Please consider a special gift for food and the safe delivery to feeding centres for the children and families of Haiti.