From Hunger to Hope In Haiti

Nearly 2 million people in Haiti are in a crisis of food insecurity, over 300,000 people are in a state of emergency. On top of this over the past few months Haiti has experienced violent protests and riots resulting from feeling of inequality and a high cost of living.

The violence in Haiti these past months was a result of the government's announcement that gasoline prices were going to sky rocket with a 40% hike in fuel costs. Although this proposed spike was suspended anger continues to fuel riots around the country. This has left a very damaging outcome, investment and travel has come to a screeching halt. If children were going hungry before the the riots, this is a devastating, and in many cases life threatening blow. 

At Speroway we bring hope and lasting change. Today I am asking you to help us support food programs in Haiti where in the past number of months many people have abandoned them. We will continue to run our feeding programs as long as we have support.

Please help bring hope to children suffering from hunger.