Generation of Change Scholarship Program

Speroway’s Generation of Change Scholarship Program provides access to secondary and higher education for young people who are committed to making a difference and giving back to their communities. With a focus on the villages of Ascension and Caraballo, we reach talented and economically disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to break generational cycles of poverty through education.

School Uniform and Supplies

All students in the Dominican Republic are required to wear a uniform in order to go to school. Sometimes the only thing preventing a child from attending school is a school shirt or pair of shoes. It could be a backpack full of school supplies, a school uniform, or a new pair of shoes for school, reach a child with the gift of education.

School Uniform

Education Scholarships

Students receive financial support for tuition, books and supplies, transportation, and life skills training. An integral component of the program is the commitment of each student to give back to their communities and country.

Scholarship recipient Antonia

Featured Students

New Student starting University through Generation of Change in the DR


Alicia and Lucia

We are excited to share that from our support this summer we have been able to have two new students join our University program. Alicia and Lucia live in Ascension and Caraballo Village in the Dominican Republic. They will be attending Utesa University in Puerta Plata and studying Psychology. Both of the girls are compassionate leaders, helping to move the whole village forward. Generation of Change is about leadership first because leaders are influencers who make a difference and the empowerment of education changes people, families, and then whole villages.

Angela Flore

Angela Flore

Angela lives alone with her younger sister and niece. Her father passed away when she was young and her mother lives in a bigger town in hopes of finding more opportunities for work. Angela is exceptionally bright and involved in volunteer work in her community. She volunteers her time working with children at her church and helping children with their math homework. Her lowest grade in her last year of high school was 86% but without support, she would not be able to pursue a higher education. Angela is now studying math in university. She hopes to use her degree to find a good job and to help support her family and community. Her dream is to one day be able to work for a charity that supports orphans.

Ana Nelli

Ana Nelli grew up in a rural community in the sugar cane fields. She lives with her mother and sister and volunteers her time in school helping children with their studies. Ana is highly motivated and bright but had to drop out of university, as she could not afford the school fees. Through the scholarship program, Ana can now continue her education. She hopes to use her degree to work with preschool children to help children get a strong start with their education.