Gift-in-Kind Distribution

Nearly 4 million Canadians, including 1.15 million children, suffer from malnutrition or inadequate access to food. Help us deliver food and achieve food security in Canada.

Canadian Food Distribution

Hunger is more than missing a meal. Children and families across Canada suffering from hunger and malnutrition struggle from recurring illnesses, developmental disabilities, and low productivity, limiting their access to the resources they need to improve their lives.

Our gift-in-kind (GIK) program, and network of nearly one hundred partner organizations —food banks, community centres, churches, and women & children shelters—has distributed over 25 million meals to hungry children in Canada, and around the world, over the last several years.

Corporate Partnership

Through our logistics and supply strategies, Speroway is able to offer our corporate partners the seamless movement of food and other essential supplies in an efficient and cost effective manner, right across the country.

With our generous corporate partners, Speroway procures and distributes millions of pounds of food, hygiene items, and other supplies every year. Please contact us at info@speroway.com for partnership opportunities.