Give the Gift of a Mattress and Bedding-All Gifts Will be Matched by Dermetics

New Bedding for a Child

A warm, safe and comfortable place for a child to sleep is something we often take for granted here in Canada. Many of us don't know the feeling of not having a safe place to sleep each night.

Through Dr. Rosen's and Dr. Muhn's travels and volunteer trips with Speroway over the years, they have seen many children living in hardships and struggle daily, inspiring them to support children in any way they can. This holiday season, Dermetics will be partnering with Speroway to help give children the gift of safety and a feeling of home, by providing children in Kenya with new mattresses, pillows and bedding.

New bedding is an important part of providing a safe and comforting environment to a child and encouraging mental health. A new mattress, pillow, a thick warm blanket and sheets go a long way to putting a smile on a child's face and letting them know that they are home.

We would like to reach out to our family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who wants to support this initiative in hopes of raising enough funds to provide 30 mattress sets to children in need. Dermetics will also match every dollar donated, doubling the impact of your donation.

Here are some of the newest girls to join Speroway's orphange in Kenya. Today we want to share with you just two of their stories as these girls have faced such hardship and deserve a place to feel safe and secure.

Amelia* is a 12 year old girl who has found a safe home at the orphanage provided by Speroway in Kenya.  Just a few months ago, Amelia faced many struggles in her family, her sister was sold a child bride at 13 years old and Amelia was sold to work as a house helper. Unfortunately, that role led to many more challenges for Amelia, including being issued verbal threats and having a lack of access to food.  All of this resulted in Amelia trying to escape for her survival, only to fall and land on a spike that went through her leg.  After going to the hospital and spending time at the police station, Amelia was sent to the Home of Grace Center.  Amelia is now living a healthy and safe life, with access to both nutritious meals and an education.

Tia* was orphaned  at a young age and taken to live with her grandparents. Unfortunately, she was sexually molested in this home by different family members from 7 to 14 years old. It was at this time that she finally told a teacher what was going on, the police removed her from her abusers and local social workers placed her in Speroway's Kenyan orphanage. There are on going court proceedings but she is now safe and secure and has found a home with other girls.

Help ensure children like Amelia and Tia have a safe place to stay and a feeling of love, warmth and home this holiday season by providing the gift of bedding in Kenya.

Thank you for your support and the Dermetics Team would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and very blessed New Year.


*Names have been altered to ensure confidentiality and privacy.