Give the gift of Food and Hope this Christmas Season

All gifts dated or postmarked up to Dec 31 will be eligible for a 2022
tax receipt.

Last chance for a 2022 tax receipt! 

Around the world almost one billion people are hungry on a daily basis. BUT THERE IS HOPE AND YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of thousands of children in Haiti, Nicaragua, Kenya, Dominican Republic and Malawi

Every $5,000 in donations enables us to procure, transport and distribute a truckload of food. 

With help from food manufacturers and distributors, we will be able to multiply your gift 4x! 

$25 will help provide over $100 of food

$50 will help provide over $200 of food

$100 will help provide over $400 of food

$5,000 will provide a truckload of food

Your gift will help with Home delivery food packages and Community feeding programs

You have been very generous throughout this past year and have helped make a difference in thousands of children’s lives.

We would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year and all the best for 2023.