Give the Gift of Food and Hope this Christmas

As 2020 comes to an end, for many of us it can't happen fast enough. It has truly been an upside-down year with Covid-19 impacting nearly every aspect of what we would have called normal before March.

In Canada Christmas will also look different this year but for most of us we still have a roof over our heads, warm clothes, food for our families and will receive or give a few gifts.

During this time of the year that most of the world celebrates the birth of Jesus our program partners in Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Malawi tell us that it will be a very difficult Christmas for the children and families. It will be more of a season of survival with little to no celebration this year.

Covid-19 has not been as devastating for them in regards to sickness and death, but it's impact on the rest of the world has translated into a massive decrease in international support, especially in some of the poorest nations where Speroway works.

Please consider a special gift to provide food for children and vulnerable families. Every $5000 we receive helps us procure, deliver and prepare upwards of $50,000 of food. That means your gift, with the help of our food suppliers, will be multiplied by 10x.


$35 for $350 of food
$65 for $650 of food
$350 for $3,500 of food


Every dollar makes a difference!


A few program updates:


The poorest country in the Western hemisphere is Haiti. With the Covid-19 shut down and lack of access to the country, there are huge food shortages. We are seeing higher rates of malnutrition all over the country especially with the most vulnerable - children and the elderly. You can see one of our local food distribution centers in the pictures at the top of the page. On this day we had some bulk food available to distribute in packages for the community. The children were able to bring home food that consists of grains, beans, cereal and other food staples that can be used to make meals at home.


We continue to help with the impact of two recent devastating hurricanes, Eta and Iota. Thousands lost their homes, personal belongings, crops and livestock. The people of Nicaragua desperately need your support for food.


Our Kenya children's homes have been locked down for most of the year. We have been able to continue some online classes for the children but getting food from the market and maintaining regular meals continues to be a challenge.