Haiti Clinic of Hope


Medical care is non-existent in many areas in Haiti and ­financially impossible for most families in local villages. Therefore, many Haitians have extreme health problems and a decreasing quality of life due to lack of access to medical care.

Our aim is to meet the critical need for quality health care in Haiti through a community network health care delivery system that has become the standard for excellent medical care in our region of influence.

Medical Services:

  • Clinic of Hope: Fully Haitian-operated clinic on Mission of Hope’s Central Campus that serves over 10,000 patient visits annually
  • Mobile Clinics: Bringing medical care to 15 villages and 16,000 patients with critical need each year through the support of our volunteer North American health care professionals.
  • Dental Clinic: Addressing the critical need for dental care in Haiti through MOH Dental Care & Training Center that is being equipped with 8 chairs, an x-ray facility and sterilization room.
  • Vision Clinic: Meeting vision care demand in Haiti through vision screening and providing both reading and prescription lenses.
  • Prosthetics Lab: Accommodating the needs of amputees across Haiti by providing lower limbs, replacing and repairing old limbs, and constructing and replacing leg braces and orthotics.
  • Medical Outreach: Managing chronic illness care and surgical coordination for over 30 families in rural Haitian villages through ongoing site visits and medical treatment.