Haiti in Crisis!

We had just mailed out our "Haiti In Crisis" Campaign to ask for urgent help to feed hungry children when another devastating earthquake hit Haiti on Saturday. 

Everything we communicated in this recent campaign just escalated significantly with this latest earthquake.


The country continues to be in the news over the past ten years and often not for the best reasons, whether it is the devastating earthquake of 2010, hurricanes, extreme poverty, hunger issues or now, political unrest. When the Haitian President Moise was assassinated on June 30 it took an already fragile nation to a new level of uncertainty. Violence and corruption had become the norm in many of the larger cities but there is a growing movement that is bringing thousands of people to the streets to denounce violence and corruption and scream out ENOUGH!

While we pray for peace and political calm there is a growing backdrop of children suffering. Suffering from poor health, lack of proper shelter, access to education and food. The fact is that more than 70% of Haiti's people live on less than $2 a day. It is in this backdrop that Speroway works closely with our Haitian partners on the ground. These partners care for the children and are delivering lifesaving food through our community feeding and school meal programs.


The Children Need Your Help Now More Than Ever!

Please help bring hope to hungry children by providing a generous gift for Speroway’s feeding programs.

Your gift of $35 for $350 of food

$65 for $650 of food

$100 for $1,000 of food

or whatever amount you can provide, along with the support of our corporate partners, will enable us to multiply your gift by 10 times. 

Consider a generous gift to help earthquake victims! 


Along with our earthquake support of food and basic supplies we are also helping to bring medical support from other parts of the country to the hardest hit areas.

Despite the continued challenges in Haiti, children and families need to eat, have access to water, and medical help. Our dedicated on the ground partners continue to do what they can to help the most vulnerable but this is not possible without your support.

We are extending this 'Haiti in Crisis' campaign to also help those impacted by the most recent devastating earthquake.