HAITI IN CRISIS! Families Need Your Help More Than Ever

Haiti is struggling at every turn, especially since the assassination of the President last year. The country has become more dangerous and gangs control much of the main cities. There are kidnappings every day and people are being held for whatever ransom the gangs think they can get from local families.

After two years our president Ken Forbes was able to visit some of our programs in Haiti again and brought back the following updates.

Prices have skyrocketed for just about everything but fuel, and food costs have made it very difficult for most Haitians to provide food for their families. Malnutrition and famine conditions are once again a reality in many parts of the country. While there, Ken was able to participate in a few of our community feeding programs as well as getting a first hand look at our home food delivery and school feeding programs. "It was very encouraging, yet at the same time very sad to see the desperate need of so many families".


Many people in the community help to prepare the meal, the pastor of the church where the feeding program takes place was even out collecting wood for the fire to cook.

For many this will be the only meal a family will have that day. Our Haiti feeding programs are in desperate need of support. We provide nutritious meals to children at school, provide basic food delivery to families to cook meals, and we provide community feeding programs. Please consider a special gift to help one of these essential programs today.

$35 will help provide one child with food for a month

$60 to help with families with basic cooking supplies

$250 will provide food for a whole community feeding program



Ukraine Update

The people of Ukraine still need our help. If you still wish to donate to help the people of Ukraine, please click here