Haiti Mission of Hope Where Most Needed

Haiti Mission of Hope

Speroway’s Mission of Hope sponsorship programs are essential for supporting the children in the School of Hope Education Program and the Village of Hope Orphanage in Haiti. Sponsors are able to personally invest in the lives of vulnerable children and provide them with the nutrition and education they need.

School of Hope Student Sponsorship

School of Hope Haiti

Sponsorship of a student through the School of Hope is $45/month. Sponsors choose a boy or girl at the Kindergarten (3 years), Primary (1st-6th), or Secondary (7th-13th) grade levels. They receive photos and correspondence from their student and can write and send gifts at any time.

Village of Hope Child Sponsorship

Village of Hope Child Sponsorship

Village of Hope children are in the loving care of Mission of Hope full-time. The children are raised in a supportive community located on the central campus of Mission of Hope, with homes that each house up to 8 children and staff who provides 24-hour care and gives the children a family environment where they can grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.



Medical care is non-existent in many areas in Haiti and ­financially impossible for most families in local villages. Therefore, many Haitians have extreme health problems and a decreasing quality of life due to lack of access to medical care. Our aim is to meet the critical need for quality health care in Haiti through a community network health care delivery system that has become the standard for excellent medical care in our region of influence.

MOH Gift Catalogue

MOH Haiti Student Sponsor Gifts

It is not too late to buy your student back-to-school gifts! The deadline is July 14th. All gifts purchased before that deadline will be bought in Haiti and delivered to the students at the beginning of school.