Home of Grace: Bike, Hike and Trike Fundraiser | The Terrific Tombs Tribe

$742 of $700 raised

This Thanksgiving between October 3rd to 12th the Tombs family will be walking and hiking to raise money for the Home of Grace Centre.  Our goal is to raise $700

Please consider sponsoring us as we walk to support hungry families in their neighbourhood. 


Ben, Chantel, Markus, Silas and Rosalyn

The Terrific Tombs Tribe

Please join us to raise funds to support Home of Grace and its neighbours.

Like Canada, Kenya closed down schools and businesses on March 13. The closing of schools has meant that not only are the children missing out on their education, but they are missing out on daily food as well.  With the lockdown, jobs have disappeared, markets have closed and food has become scarce and expensive. Families are struggling even more than ever. There is no social safety net in Kenya — no unemployment insurance, no food banks.

Home of Grace has begun to distribute emergency food hampers to the most desperate of these families through its Community Emergency Fund. But the money needed to meet the demand isn't there. This event will be focused on funding the Community Emergency Fund, in order to support neighbourhood families during the pandemic.

We have set a goal of raising $6,500 - Enough to feed 100 families for a month. Please join us in stopping hunger in the face of poverty. Sponsor a participant for the sake of the families and children in that part of the world.