Home of Grace Volunteer Trip- Brook Rayner

Too often children are suffering due to lack of nutritious meals, clean water and a missing sense of security and belonging. Disadvantaged children also don’t have the access to receive an education or proper medical care. This is what has inspired my passion project in Kenya.

My name is Brook Rayner and this July 2018, I will be travelling to rural Kenya to volunteer at Home of Grace and in schools to aid children in need.

I am reaching out to my family, friends and community to help support me with my trip to Kenya. This fundraising will allow me to work with Home of Grace and it’s volunteers to provide a safe and loving environment, daily nutritious meals, access to medical care and an education.

Thank you very much for your support!

Brook Rayner


We focus on increasing children’s access to quality education at Home of Grace and communities, by providing tuition support, school supplies, and other education fees. By giving the gift of education, you invest in a child’s future. Through education, these children can grow up to be productive, responsible members of their community.


Community Outreach

We provide for these needs through three programs:

  • Residential care: Orphans and vulnerable children living at the Centre are given shelter, a loving and supportive environment, food, basic medical care and access to an education. Whenever possible, staff work to maintain contact with extended families to ease future re-integration into the community.
  • Community Outreach: Families of identified children in the community receive at-home support, including tuition support and other occasional support to supplement food budgets.
  • Lunch Feeding Program: Children in need identified by local schools and community leaders are fed lunch, to improve learning.

The majority of children arrive at Home of Grace weak and malnourished. We provide daily nutritious meals so that children can have the nutrients needed to be physically and mentally strong, concentrate in school, and have an opportunity at a better future.

Community Outreach