Home of Grace: Bike, Hike and Trike Fundraiser | Kate Bishop-Williams

$730 of $1,000 raised

This Thanksgiving between October 1st to 11th I will be walking and hiking to raise money for the Home of Grace Centre.   

Please consider sponsoring us as we walk to support hungry families in their neighbourhood. 


Kate Bishop-Williams

Please join us to raise funds to support Home of Grace and its neighbours.

This is a virtual event where we encourage you to walk, ride or stroll in your community for sponsors, as a fundraiser for Home of Grace. Proceeds from the event will be used to support education programs in the community. This year our focus is on:

  • Lunch feeding program – A nourishing hot lunch for school children living in poverty. For many, this is their only meal of the day. Full tummies mean better grades.
  • Sanitary kits for girls – Girls will receive a kit with pads, fresh underwear and soap. This will allow them to attend school uninterrupted.
  • Education scholarships – Money to help cover school fees for promising students in the community, where finances are an obstacle to getting an education.

Please join us in a special fundraiser to raise funds to support Home of Grace and its neighbours.




 October 1 2021: A 25 km bike ride from Renton to Port Dover to start things off right! This will be the only BIKE distance of our Hike, Bike and Trike fundraiser. We’re hitting the hiking trails for the rest!
October 4 2021: We’re in Mont Tremblant and loving the views!  We’re up to 40 km so far!
October 6 2021: We covered over 10 km and a 400m elevation (with kiddos on our backs!) yesterday and are not done for today! We have so far covered 67.2 km!
October 10 2021: We have covered 73.8km so far!
Final Update: By hiking we hit 80km today! We finished with a 20km bike ride to reach our goal of 100km! Although we did not hike the last 20km, we still got moving to finish off the final stretch of our 100km goal!


See how we got moving!

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Thank you for your support!