Hunger Doesn’t Take a Holiday & Unfortunately, Neither Does COVID-19

We are certainly in extraordinary times. Covid-19 has changed even the most basic aspects of our lives. It is our prayer that you have been able to stay safe and healthy during the past few months.You are a vital partner in helping us to maintain the basic necessities of life for the children and families we serve. I want to first, on behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your past support.

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to change our day to day lives here in Canada but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of us are starting to get out albeit socially distancing and not in huge groups.

Unfortunately, this is not true in most of the countries where we serve. They are seeing increases in the number of cases of Covid-19 and do not have the ability to social distance, shop safely or get medical help. Most of them are struggling just to find enough food to support their families.

At this time of the year we usually have a campaign called HUNGER DOESN’T TAKE A HOLIDAY. When summer arrives in Canada many of us head out for a week or two for a well-deserved break. This year it will be different here in Canada and the usual escape might not be available to you. Still some of us might be thinking of a local holiday, a trip to a cottage, weekend getaway or visits to family and friends.

Meanwhile in most of the world where Speroway works children never see a holiday or a break from the routine. They continue to struggle just to survive day to day and now, with the impact of Covid-19, our programs have become even more vital to the communities we serve.


We continue to work with corporate partners that will multiply your gift so that every $10.00 will help provide $100.00 of desperately needed food.



Our usual programs offering community or school feeding centers are not possible at this time. We have had to adjust them to keep people safe.  We are now providing food bags that we can deliver directly to families.

You can see in the picture one of the families in Haiti who has received items like rice, beans, soup mix, oil and canned goods.


For every $1.00 you give during this time we will provide 10 times the value in food.

 $35 can provide $350 of food

$60 will provide $600 of food

$300 will provide $3,000 of food

Every $5,000 collected enables us to provide a container load of food.

In other countries we have set of mini distribution centers in community halls or churches where one member of the family can come to pick out what is needed and leave with a bag of food to support the family for a week or two. Here you can see Isaac a grandfather picking up one of these essential bags. There are six family members living with him in a remote area of the Dominican Republic.

In our children’s centers and orphanages, the children need to stay on the compound but we have to continue to feed, educate and protect them through this pandemic. We are helping the staff to buy larger supplies of food, locally so they don’t have to risk going out into the market as often.

We purchase and procure food internationally and in Canada. We also secure corporate partners to multiply the donations, further increasing the value of your gift. The products are then divided out to what is best to stay in Canada for food banks or best for supporting our international programs. I hope you do get some kind of break or vacation this summer but please help us to respond with love, compassion and food for those where HUNGER DOESN’T TAKE a Holiday. Thank you again for your past support and for considering a special Hunger Doesn’t Take a Holiday gift, we cannot do this without your support.