Jiquilillo Nutrition Program

Family Food Baskets

Speroway helps to provide proper nutrition and support to families and children in Jiquilillo.

Speroway works with the community to identify families in need of regular nutritional support. In doing this, we help to deliver family food baskets, which are loaded with nutritious food staples.

By delivering the food directly to their homes we are given the opportunity to identify other challenges or needs within these homes and work to better support them.

Family Food Basket family of 5

School Nutrition Support

Speroway also helps to support feeding programs in school. Nutritious meals give children the energy they need to focus and learn and motivates their parents to keep their children in school. School feeding programs not only supply educational and health benefits, but contribute to gender equality, food security and poverty alleviation—all in a single intervention.

In Jiquilillo, Speroway helps provide nutrition snacks for ESL and Computer Students who often arrived thirsty and hungry from their day in school, and supports supplementing the local school lunch program with protein and nutritional support

Nica School Feeding