Join Us This Month to Help Fight Child Malnutrition

It's been almost two years since I have been able to visit and assist in our programs overseas. I trust you have been keeping safe and hopefully you are encouraged that there is seemingly some light at the end of the tunnel, at least in terms of managing the impacts of Covid-19 in Canada. We have continued to have close contact with our staff and partners but it has been much more difficult with the lack of good internet or phone lines. I am looking forward to going back to these vital programs again soon

This month we are encouraging everyone to join us in our FIGHT CHILD MALNUTRITION We are focusing on Malawi in this letter but the campaign will help with child malnutrition in Haiti, Kenya and Nicaragua as well.

During these past two years we have all had some experience with supply chain challenges and shelves being empty of some key things we normally take for granted. And, we are now all experiencing much higher costs for most of the essential things we purchase. When you look at the impact of this in developing countries, it is pushing many people to their very limit - they are not able to feed their families.

Malnutrition puts children's lives and their future at risk. Some of those risks include delayed growth and impaired brain development, which can impact their learning capacity and school participation. They are also more vulnerable to childhood diseases, infections, and unfortunately the risk of dying young.

Nutritional cereal and essential foods from out community feeding programs will be DOUBLED by donations raised during this campaign!


With help from food suppliers, we are able to double your gift.

$30 will help, provide 60 meals

$50 will help, provide 100 meals

$250 will help, provide a meal for the whole community

Most of the communities we work in have approximately 500 children.



Today I would like to introduce you a family in Malawi. Dalitso is a young mother in her twenties who has two boys, Thoko who is five and Zikomo who is two. Their father left two years ago for work and has not returned. Life is very difficult for Dalitso who tries to grow a few things to eat, works doing some house cleaning for others and helps with the community feeding programs so her family can eat. She is one of the community coordinators that helps store, prepare and serve the food to the most vulnerable families. You can see her in the pictures helping with the serving of the food and cleaning up after everyone is fed.

Family sitting outside of house in Malawi



We were so impressed with Dalitso’s resilience and determination to help her children and the community that we have used her picture on our tax receipts this year. It is a great reminder to us how the support you provide helps children and makes a difference. During this campaign the nutritional cereal and essential foods for our Community Feeding Programs will be doubled by donations raised to help this campaign.

Family sitting outside in Malawi



These vital meals enriched with vitamins and supplements help replenish what the body needs, helping to keep children from the devastating impacts of malnutrition. Maybe you would consider a few communities to help with?

Women in Malawi at community feeding program

$30 will help provide 60 meals

$50 will help provide 100 meals

$250 will help provide a meal for the whole community

Over these past months I have been able to speak with many of you and thank you personally for your support. I enjoy hearing about many of the milestones in your lives, and this month is a milestone for me as I turn 60!  We are so blessed in this country - and I have been so blessed personally - that the best gift I can imagine for my birthday would be raising additional funds for this malnutrition campaign.

Any amount for the campaign will help us provide children with life saving meals but if you want to help with a little more this month and join me in a milestone celebration, please check the $60 for Ken's 60th box which will be doubled to provide 120 meals.

Ken, President of Speroway, pictured with a shipment of food bound for our programs