Lynne-Nica House Build 2020

$815 of $1,000 raised

Our Vision is Clear

In February 2020, I, along with a few others, will be travelling to Jiqulillo, Nicaragua, to volunteer in a house building project.  The house that we build will go to a family in need of a safe and protected shelter. As a group, we need to raise $20,000, with all donations going directly to the family for building materials to complete the home.  All donations are tax deductible as well.
Thank you for all of your support!

Women's Cooperative Home Building Projects

Nicaragua has one of the highest housing deficits in Central America. Over 78% of the population lives in inadequate homes or are homeless. Families often live with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear because of the lack of adequate housing. Safe and decent shelter provides an opportunity for families to break generational cycles of poverty and build better, healthier, and more stable lives.

Speroway is raising funds to support the relocation and safe and adequate housing for ten low-income families. Through your gift you will be helping to support these ten women and their children who are apart of the Women's Faith and Hope Cooperative in the community of Jiquilillo.

Home Building in Nicaragua

Feeding Programs

Two out of every five Nicaraguans are living in poverty. It's critical that while at school, children receive nourishing meals as those vital nutrients improve concentration and productivity.

At El Limonal in Chinandega, there is a community soup kitchen that provides nutritious meals for up to 300 children. This is in partnership with international organizations and supported by volunteers in service, delivery and funding.

Women's Cooperative of Faith and Hope in Nicaragua.