Child Legacy Hospital

In Malawi, women and children are disproportionately affected by inadequate access to healthcare. Cultural traditions in many rural areas prevent women from carrying money or leaving the homestead for personal reasons such as a clinical visit. Working with our partner, Child Legacy Hospital, we seek to help empower women to overcome gender inequalities by not only offering free world-class healthcare in their immediate area, but also by raising awareness in villages throughout Malawi.

85% of Malawi’s 17 million people live in the rural areas, where less than 1% of communities have access to electricity. Because of this, hospitals are concentrated in urban areas, which has left the majority of Malawians without access to healthcare. This is why Malawi has the world’s highest rate of premature births, as well as extremely high maternal and neonatal mortality rates. Malawi also has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS, as well as extremely high rates of Tuberculosis, Malaria, and under-5 mortality from water-borne illnesses and malnutrition.

Health Services

Child Legacy is located in rural Central Malawi, far outside the national power grid. CLI Hospital is powered by 100% wind and solar energy, serving thousands of rural patients every year. Our prenatal, maternity, and labor & delivery services prevent mother and infant death in communities that have been underserved for decades. Our clinical services also provide treatment for malaria, screening and treatment for HIV/AIDS, routine vaccinations, and family planning services.

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