Nicaragua Jiquilillo Vocational School

English as a Second Language

"It has been said that "english is a career".

We provide comprehensive English language instruction to students ages 5 and older through a combination of teacher-led lessons, youth-led projects, and conversational opportunities with English-speaking volunteers. Through high-quality English language training, this program assists students in attaining proficiency in English and broadening their cultural awareness for success in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

When a child begins to learn English, skills such as creativity, self-esteem, and increases in independence and autonomy start to emerge beyond the increases in brain development that occur due to learning a second language. For the future of the children and young people in Nicaragua learning English is one of the easiest ways to get employed. Tourism is still the best opportunity to pull Nicaragua out of its low world UN status. In Jiquilillo, there are local tourist businesses that need to hire people that speak English.

Computer Courses

The increase of techconology in the world is changing very quickly.  Speroway supports a Computer Learning Program which helps teach students how to use a computer and basic program skills needed.  These skills include learning common work related programs, how to solve common computer issues and how to install common computer programs.

Life Skill Training

The coastal regions of Nicaragua are heaviley dependent on the fishing industry. The knowledge of sustainable fishing practices in crucial to support this subsistence based commuity for years to come. Speroway supports seasonal boat engine repair, fiberglass boat repair and best fishing practices vocational courses.