El Limonal – Nicola Kundrun

Speroway supports local partners in feeding hungry children and families across the country and responds to educational needs through partners such as the World Mission Outreach School, offering children a chance for a brighter future through nutritious food, education, and basic school supplies.

Striving to make a difference, Nicola Kundrun is a passionate supporter of Speroway's programs in El Limonal. The residents live and work in an area known locally as the "circle of death," the land intended for use as a temporary refugee camp for those left homeless by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. El Limonal was, at the time, the only city property large enough for the government to use for temporary housing but is now a permanent community of about 3,000 residents still living in temporary shelters, tucked between the city’s landfill, a large cemetery and a sewage facility. Nicola's goal is to raise $14,000 toward feeding, education, and housing programs for the residents in the area.

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Feeding Programs

Two out of every five Nicaraguans are living in poverty. It's critical that while at school, children receive nourishing meals as those vital nutrients improve concentration and productivity.

At El Limonal in Chinandega, there is a community soup kitchen that provides nutritious meals for up to 300 children in partnership with international organizations and supported by volunteers in service, delivery and funding. 

Feeding Programs


Speroway’s partners in Nicaragua offer children the opportunity to learn and the chance for a brighter future by providing an education, basic school supplies, and two nutritious meals a day.

Nicaragua's Jiquilillo Vocational School is built around English and computer courses that offer Nicaraguans the opportunity to compete in today's emerging global market. Other courses are fibreglass boat repair, boat engine repair, and sustainable best fishing practices.

There is an immediate need for English courses because of the jobs and careers around the country that require English speaking employees. There are eleven local tourist businesses that hire people who speak English as tourism is now the number one business in Nicaragua.



Speroway focuses on strengthening child and maternal health programs through partner clinics, community health workers, and volunteer teams focused on training, equipping, and partnerships. There is a need for proper housing for these residents, as the temporary shelters are now functioning as permanent homes. 

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