School Uniform Kits Campaign

$3,409 of $17,780 raised

School Uniform Campaign

Every year at New Life Church we send a team down to the Dominican Republic. It’s always an unforgettable life-changing experience. We head down to assist our full-time pastor in the Dominican, Megan Ratnam, to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in Ascension and Caraballo Villages.

The Dominican Republic has the lowest education quality in Latin America – more than 30% of girls and 40% of boys don’t go to secondary school. Girls face discrimination and almost 50% of girls are married by the age of 18.

Raised in poverty, children and youth sacrifice their futures for the lack of school fees, uniforms, notebooks, and backpacks. This year we are raising funds to give vulnerable young people uniform kits and the educational tools to fulfill their God-given potential.

We are hoping to raise $17,780, to provide 508 uniform kits! Every $35 raised will provide a young person with the following, encouraging them and giving them the chance at a better future.

  • Shirt
  • Pants or skirt
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Backpack
  • Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil sharpener

Our goal is to keep children in school for as long as possible. In the Dominican Republic, all students are required to wear a uniform in order to be able to go to school. For many children and youth in the villages of Ascension and Caraballo, by providing uniforms you will be giving the gift of education and ensuring they can attend and stay in school. 

Ascension and Caraballo Villages

Around 1,400 people live in the villages of Ascension and Caraballo, over half of which are 18 years of age and under. We work to address barriers to education and eliminate all the reasons why children can’t go to school. 

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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer abroad and explore a new culture while working alongside Speroway’s local partners and communities to create lasting change .
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