Together We Can Fight Hunger!

No Child Should Go Hungry

I want to take this time to thank you for your support throughout this past year. You have made a big difference in many children’s lives.

As 2019 comes to an end I would like to share a few examples of our programs from visits this past year. There are many pressing needs and I am hoping this might inspire you to consider giving one extra gift this year. Or consider sending a special gift to help start the New Year, enabling us to continue these vital programs.

All gifts dated before Dec 31 will be eligible for a 2019 tax receipt.




The group of young children here live in Malawi, they are too young for school but are part of our community feeding program. Their parents work hard making bricks for houses that you can see on the ground in the picture. Selling bricks is not enough to provide regular meals to their children. Some of these children, even at a very young age, help their parents by bringing water to help make the bricks. When I visited with them it was obvious that many of them were suffering from malnutrition.





Here are two little girls from our home in Kenya. Often these children are orphaned, or they come to us from very difficult home situations. With your help we are able to provide a safe home, make sure they go to school and have healthy meals.


I would also like to introduce you to Merisa. She has a very difficult life living on the edge of a dump in Nicaragua. Every day she is working with her mom trying to pick through the garbage for things they can use or sell.

We are working with the community to get the children in school and to try to provide housing for the most vulnerable families. By providing food for families like Merisa’s, it takes the pressure off her mother’s need to have her work at the dump.

On the day I visited, I was able to give a little knitted doll to Merisa which put a smile on her face. But what Merisa really needs is opportunity to go to school, live in a safe home and have food to eat. Please help us with our Nicaragua feeding and housing program.

Thank you again for all your generous support in 2019. Looking forward to our continued partnership in 2020 because no child should go hungry. I would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

A special gift of $35 will provide food for the community feeding programs.

A gift of $60 will provide a nutritious family food basket.