President of Speroway, Ken Forbes, just recently returned from Ukraine where he was able to personally be involved in food distribution and Speroway’s emergency response. Many of you have just recently supported the Ukraine emergency appeal and we are very grateful for everything you have been able to contribute.
We hear of millions of dollars going to Ukraine from governments but most of that is for the on-going war efforts. Speroway is doing what it always does and, frankly, what we do best – helping the most vulnerable. Our current aid is aimed specifically to internally displaced people who need it the most. These families have been torn from their homes very suddenly and been forced to escape to other parts of the country with little to no belongings and no way to provide for their families, save for the grace of others. We can only continue to do these emergency efforts with financial support from generous people like you and with our Ukrainian partners on the ground. To see some of the work we are doing in the Ukraine and the severity of the situation there watch the video below...
Video Update:

Ukrainian people living outside war torn areas helped us find warehouse space for food, along with providing trucks and vehicles to transport these supplies to the areas with the greatest need. They also provided courageous drivers, who go into war torn regions nearly every day.

The churches in Ukraine have also played a significant role in coordinating rest spots and places for those fleeing war zones. This enables people to spend a night or even a few weeks before deciding what they will do next. The churches were also key in helping with communications between towns about what is going on and where the immediate need is. One such church had a group of 60 people they were feeding when we arrived to drop off food. While were were there, they learned that 200 more people were coming the next day and they did not have any food for them. That day we were able to find a food supply source, purchase more food and have it there for the women and children that were arriving the next day.


Food distribution is very important for survival at this time. There are very few stores left and those that are still standing have almost no supplies. Making matters worse, the people can’t even go into their own fields to gather food because the Russian army dropped land mines randomly in the fields and the Ukrainian military have no resources to remove them - all they can do is post warning signs.

Photo of sign in Ukraine warning of landmines

Please consider a gift of:

$50 for emergency food supplies for one week

$100 for emergency food supplies for two weeks

$200 will help families in crisis for a month.


The food we are now providing is mainly purchased directly from farms and food sourced in western Ukraine. This helps to reduce costs with the cost as well as providing local farmers and distributors much needed support. Our hope is that you will assist us with this special need in a time of crisis. The Ukrainian people have been dealt a sudden, life changing reality that was neither deserved nor warranted.

The war in Ukraine has put immense pressure on food supply chains around the world. To put it in perspective, Ukraine and Russia together provide 30% of the world’s wheat and barley supply, 20% of the maize and over 50% of the sunflower oil, meaning all our programs are in need of help. If you would prefer to give to other programs, see the donation options below.