Will there be Food at my School this year?

At Speroway our core values are compassion, love, and service to others. These values guide us in everything we do and through your support we are able to extend a helping hand to some of the world's most vulnerable children. It is that time of year again when children around the world head back to school. This brings excitement and new opportunities for most but in the places where we work - like Haiti, Dominican Republic and Kenya - back to school for children means not only a chance to learn but also to get a meal. With rising costs of food all around the world, there is much uncertainty for countless children who face the grim reality that there will be little or NO food at school this year. For many of these children, school lunch is the only real meal they get for the day.

Pictured here are sisters Grace and Zikomo, they attend a school in rural Malawi with 300 children. Their parents have little work and if they are able to find occasional labour, they only make a few dollars a day. The land their home is on is very dry and not big enough to grow food for the family. They are barely able to scrape together enough money to provide even one meal at home. When the girls head out to school they are hungry and hope that there will be a lunch for them at their school. This same story plays out for thousands of children in classrooms across our programs. Poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths in children worldwide. Every dollar makes a difference!

This year more than ever we are struggling to help keep all of our school feeding programs going as donations have been down this year. These are a few of the children that will benefit from your support...

Jean – Haiti: Everyday more families flee the cities to remote smaller town in the countryside, away from the dangerous gangs that have overrun the cities. Among them is Jean, a young girl whose family’s journey to safety has come at a cost, leaving them struggling to provide even the simplest meals. She is in school in the area of Pignon, but her family has arrived here with very little. She was able to get a new school inform but like many of the children in her school she wonders if she will get a school lunch program this year.




Samuel Kenya: In the rural landscape of Kenya, Samuel walks a long way to reach his school but often with an empty stomach which would dampen the enthusiasm of any child going to school. He is a good student who is eager to learn but it is difficult to focus when he is hungry every day.






Sofia – Dominican Republic: Sofia is a bright and determined girl who lives in a rural area of the Dominican. Daily life is a struggle for her family, and they can’t afford to send her to school with a lunch. Her school was able to get a small kitchen built this summer, now all they need is the food to cook and provide children like Sofia a healthy lunch.

Your compassionate gift can be the answer to Jean, Samuel and Sofia’s prayers, providing them and others in their classrooms with the food they need to grow and learn.